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Welcome to Silvertips Munnar.....

Thinking of the perfect getaway spot to plan a memorable holiday? Want to escape from the hustle and bustle of everyday life? Soak in the tranquility at a far-off place? Well, for all this and more, Munnar, an awe-inspiring getaway, a harmonious and serene retreat in the Western Ghats, a much sought-after hill station in Kerala ‘God's own country’ is the picture-perfect holiday destination!

This beautiful unspoiled, postcard-like place is where nature is at its finest, the unending and continuous stretch of tea plantations, the verdant foliage, the unspoiled, lush valleys and hills, the striking and unusual vegetation and animal life, the aromatic spices that waft in the air, the list is endless. There is so much to unravel for any leisure traveller who is on a holiday, vacation, honeymoon, a romantic interlude or even a corporate outing!

Here nestled in these Hills is our unique, one-of-a-kind, movie-theme based resort, Silver Tips. So talking about us, we would definitely say we are different. Why are we special? Well, our 60-room, uniquely designed and conceptualized Hotel, is planned in a way to showcase and celebrate the world of pictures, cinemas, movies, its directors and actors. Have you ever seen or heard anything like this before? And to top it all, in a lush, beautiful hill station, you cannot have anything better than this!

Interested? Curious isn’t it? Do step in to learn more…
Lights! Camera! Action!


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